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Are thyroid problems controlling your life?

November 22, 2016

Are thyroid problems controlling your life?

Having a healthy thyroid is crucial to everybody’s daily function. When your thyroid isn’t working correctly you can be exhausted, depressed, anxious, or even flustered. These are only a few symptoms we will touch on further in this article. First, let’s examine what a thyroid is to the human body, and why it’s so important.


The thyroid is a gland in your neck that releases hormones which control your metabolic system. The hormones released from this gland control a range of factors in your body, from breathing, nervous systems, and body weight. Even your heart, reproductive system and kidneys are controlled by your thyroid.

How does the thyroid work:

The hormones produced and released by the thyroid are called thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Our bodies make these hormones from iodine, which is found in many foods. When our pituitary gland releases thyroid stimulating hormones it triggers our thyroid to release these 2 very important hormones. However, when your thyroid isn’t working correctly the pituitary gland is stuck creating more TSH, or less, to try and make up for this.

How a doctor checks lymph nodes and thyroid
How a doctor checks lymph nodes and thyroid

What causes thyroid problems:

So, what causes a person’s body to have issues creating too much or even too little of these hormones? Well, there are a great number of factors. Various different things can cause an overactive (Hyperthyroidism) or even an under active thyroid (Hypothyroidism). The list is as follows:



  •         Grave’s Disease- Very uncommon, but this is becoming an increasingly more diagnosed disorder across the U.S.
  •         Plummer’s Disease- Most patients with this disease are over the age of 50
  •         Toxic Adenoma- This is when a toxic nodule grows onto a person’s thyroid.



  •         Autoimmune disease Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have the most common cause.
  •         Treatment for Hyperthyroidism can sometimes result in the thyroid becoming inactive.
  •         Radiation treatments for cancer can trigger a response in the thyroid.
  •         Certain medications can cause the thyroid to become under active.
  •         Iodine deficiency- While rare, even this can affect one’s thyroid, since the thyroid needs Iodine to function.


Effects of thyroid problems:

While Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism have many things separating them, there’s one common thing that keeps them together; That is, the fact that they both can cause the same type of effects on the body. Those with thyroid disorders experience a full range of side effects and symptoms. The most commonly noted are weight gain, fatigue, anxiousness, dry skin, loss of taste and smell. While these are the most notorious side effects many, people don’t realize that the following could also be caused by thyroid problems; fogginess, hair loss, lack of arousal, stomach problems, reproductive issues, muscle aches and pains, heart problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, even just feeling cold.

How to regulate thyroid issues:

Research across the world has helped take generous leaps and bounds in the study of Endocrinology (Specialized field for the study of glands, and hormones), and new treatments are being developed every day. There are hormone replacement treatments, surgery to remove the thyroid completely, and multiple medications to help in regulating your thyroid. There are also supplements you can take that will help boost your thyroid when it’s just not where it should be.
Thyroid supplements provide an extra boost to getting your thyroid levels back to a healthy state. Many thyroid supplements contain vitamins within that are beneficial to other areas of your body including the brain, energy levels, and the boosting of your immune system. These supplements help get your body on track and make you feel better, while dealing the effects of a bad thyroid. Looking for one of these s upplements? BioGanix has created a formula specialized to help get your thyroid back on track.

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