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Brain Curcumin - 60 Capsules

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  • Brain Curcumins

    Supports working memory, calmness, and satisfaction in coping with mental strain, and lessens the physical fatigue. Supports cardiovascular health.

    Extremely Well Absorbed
    The three curcumins from turmeric root have potent benefits in experimental systems, but are poorly absorbed when taken by mouth, which greatly limits their effectiveness. LONGVIDA® Optimized Curcumin Extract is excellently absorbed by mouth and delivers curcumins to the brain.

    Promotes Healthy Mood Resilience When Under Stress
    In a clinical trial, healthy individuals with age-related memory difficulties were randomly assigned to receive either LONGVIDA® or a placebo, daily by mouth for 28 days. On the first day they took a challenging, computerized cognitive test. Both groups reported lowered calmness and "contentedness" (satisfaction), perhaps due to frustration from taking the test. On the 28th day the test was repeated and the curcumin group scored statistically better than placebo for calmness and contentedness.

    Supports Working Memory Under Mental Strain
    The repeat of the cognitive assessment test at 28 days found the curcumin group statistically more improved than the placebo group on a measure of working memory. This is related to alertness and to the brain's short-term information capacity to facilitate doing a task. LONGVIDA® may help conserve this faculty, which tends to decline with age.

    Lessens Physical Fatigue Associated with Mental Strain
    As the trial began, taking the test brought on physical fatigue similarly in both groups. On the repeat test after the trial ended, the curcumin group reported less fatigue than before, to a statistically superior extent compared to the placebo grou